Kubo and the Two Strings

This week, we watch the brilliantly animated Kubo and the Two Strings. This movie is enthralling and exceptionally well told, but it suffers from a classic case of Hollywood whitewashing. While we have yet to find evidence of this story as one that is traditionally Japanese, the gods and places certainly are. As a result, we constantly felt out of place and time. It’s too bad, because this one could have been amazing.

Things We Talked About:

The Lion King

This week we are trying something new, our first ever episode discussing a movie currently in theaters.

We talk about what we love and hate about the 1994 and 2019 versions of The Lion King. As usual, we spend more time on the cast than the actual movie, but trust us--you've seen this one.

Things We Talked About:

Wreck-It Ralph

This week we spend a lot of time talking about snack foods so please eat before listening or you may find yourself with a donut craving. No cuts, no buts, no coconuts.

We also talk about bullies, pop culture references that don’t age well, and the necessity of tragic backstories for female characters.

Things We Talked About:

The Incredible Minisode


So, we have to talk about Kevin. As in, Kevin the weird bird from Pixar’s Up. Kevin is a key component of the Grand Unifying Theory of Pixar Movies, and as such, he’s one of the stars of this very special minisode. This week, both Briar and Sara are here, and we’re talking about that bird, Steve Jobs, and Luxo the lamp (who we mistakenly refer to as Lumo). 

Things we talked about:

The Incredibles


In this week’s episode, we take a look at 2004’s The Incredibles. Winner of two Academy Awards (Best Animated Feature and Best Sound Editing), this film was Pixar’s superhero opus. We talk about how this movie prompted changes in the original Fantastic Four, and the parallels between this film and several others.  


As Pixar’s first PG movie, we also talk about all of the violence, and how bad guys actually die on screen. This feels noteworthy to us, and signals a change in our tolerance for violence, even if it’s just of the animated variety.

But we also talk about what makes this movie, well, incredible. The relationships are vibrant, the parenting is top-notch, and the vision of what family is and can be is inspiring and relatable.


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Things We Talked About:

Happy Feet

We cannot tell a lie...we are not fans of this one.

This week, we complain about our least favorite movie to date: the absolute WTFery that is Happy Feet. A movie with realistic animated penguins (maybe too realistic), and a “big message” about conservation. We drop a lot of f-bombs but who can blame us with a film that is so full of racism, sexism, and weird covert sexual undertones? It’s possible that 2006 was a simpler time, but even so, this movie has some issues.

Things We Talked About: