Disney Deep Dive

Today we talk about a random assortment of just weird-ass Disney stuff.

Content warning, we talk about coronavirus to start off and end. If you want to avoid hearing about it right now skip to 12:20 and stop listening at 57:24.

We should also say that we recorded this episode two weeks ago and as our world has rapidly evolved in that time some of our information is wrong.

Lastly, we will be going on hiatus after this episode to give ourselves one less thing to juggle during this time. We will be back on May 4th with The Secret Life of Pets.

Stay safe and healthy everyone, we love you.

Things we talked about:

  • 2:40    Disney is closing their park
  • 5:00    Disney parks vs. Disney lands
  • 8:15    What is going on with employees?
  • 12:35  What a Fuckery? 
  • 16:45 The Beloved ride
  • 17:55  The characters that belong in the park
  • 21:50  Grouping of the characters in the park
  • 24:20  Disney special events
  • 31:30  The Christmas party
  • 33:00  YouTube and Podcast for Disney
  • 38:30  Pocahontas hair 
  • 43:40 Figment the dragon of imagination
  • 52:15  Disney sites
  • 54:40  Fairy godmother
  • 1:02:00 Next movie

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