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101 Dalmatians

We are going to talk about the animated (1961) One Hundred and One Dalmatians as well as the live-action (1996) 101 Dalmatians. We'll talk about why the different formats for the names are important and we have wildly different feelings about the two movies.

We also have some corrections and additional information for Zootopia.

Things we talked about:

  • 02:20 - Nebraska's Safe Haven Law snafu
  • 05:30 - How to find this movie on Disney Plus
  • 08:30 - Both versions on Rotten Tomatoes
  • 10:50 - Troll dolls and South Street in Philadelphia
  • 15:00 - The cast
  • 18:57 - There's nothing redeeming about Cruella de Vil
  • 22:00 - Grimsby is Eric's Caretaker in the Little Mermaid
  • 29:00 - The plot
  • 39:30 - This movie made us want to watch other Disney movies
  • 40:40 - Let's talk about Sergeant Tibbs for a minute
  • 48:00 - We just don't understand this sequence
  • 56:25 - What is a long cigarette holder called?
  • 58:25 - Our scores
  • 1:00:50 - Zootopia corrections

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The Birds and Bees

This week we offer a cautionary tale of the internet and the type of content your kids may stumble upon while using it. A parental warning usually goes without saying for us, but seriously, we mean it. You don't want your kids listening to this one.

Things We Talked About:

01:10 - Public schools give an inadequate and confusing sexual education

03:50 - Why it's hard to actually research porn

10:30 - Behavioral implications of exposure to porn

14:45 - How does any of this relate to kids movies?

17:45 - ElsaGate started in 2014 on YouTube

23:00 - How these videos reach your kids and some safeguards you can put in place

28:00 - What you need to know about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

37:00 - Children and internet behavior tracking

45:00 - Next on Latchkey Movies: Back to talking about movies with Bolt

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Kung Fu Panda

This movie gave us the perfect opportunity to discuss the misdeeds of actors and how to approach their involvement in the media our kids consume. It's a laundry list of questionable, to bad, to really bad. But we do eventually talk about the movie, we promise.

Things We Talked About:


Today we'll really get into Latin plant names and we'll also touch on the strange furry and porn implications of Googling anything related to this movie. But don't worry, we'll go into more detail on that in a later episode. Mostly we just really want to know more about how this world works. 

Things We Talked About:

The Christmas Chronicles

This week we drop the F-bomb a lot, talk about the magical secret of Santa and are slightly uncomfortable about how Kurt Russell in a white beard makes us feel.

Correction: the Disney movie that brings up questions about Santa is Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, in the episode we say it's Twice Upon a Christmas. It is the Max and Goofy storyline though.

Things We Talked About:

Home Alone

Ready or not, it's Christmas season. This week, we discuss the first of our two Christmas movies for the month, Home Alone. No surprise, we relate a lot to Kevin's mom.

Christmas movies are loaded with implications of religion, belonging, family and Santa, and we look at all of it this month. 

Things We Talked About:

Frozen II

We ran right out to see Frozen 2 opening weekend and now we're lost in the woods. We'll talk about our theories and what we hoped would happen and what remained firmly in the unknown. 

If you haven't seen the movie yet be warned that there are spoilers all over this episode. And we're also gonna talk about the future of the podcast and how things are changing, just a little bit.

PLUS, we have our first ever Kid Opinion, with the amazing Sydney!!!

Things We Talked About:

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